Re-committing to my life

Re-committing to my life

Re-committing to my life

Congratulations to re-committing to the life you want now!

Overhauling yourself is not the goal.

Small steps can lead you forward. Engage in small and manageable changes over what is within your control. Experiment with what you think will work for you. Adjust as you go.

We recommend choosing just 1-3 of the drop-down statements to start your commitment to yourself. Too many could feel overwhelming.

To create and print your certificate, a new window will open up and automatically open your print window. Print your certificate to your printer, or save as a PDF and then return to this page.

Be kind to yourself and commit to working through your emotions during this challenging point in time.

Practice the steps and exercises you learned here. Process your reactions to these unexpected life changes on a regular basis so you don’t feel stuck.

You’re not alone. You can and will make it through this difficult circumstance. Ask for support if you need it.