Reflecting on my growth

Reflecting on my growth

Reflecting on my growth

Every loss and challenge that we go through in life provides us with an opportunity to learn and grow.

Hopefully you have identified where you are now, learned to ask for the support, and improved how you manage your thoughts to help you move forward.

Even though the situation you’re in right now might not be ideal, it can be a turning point for something positive and powerful.

Take time now to reflect. We suggest that you revisit this activity every 3 months as it takes time to recognize how you have grown.

On a scale of 1-10 rate yourself today on each of the following areas. Please refer to the scale to rate your answers. Complete this every 3 months to reflect on your growth. Describe how you have progressed in any of these areas:

1 = needing work

2 = thinking about it

3 = starting to take action

4 = trying

5 = consistently trying

6 = making some progress

7 = making good progress

8 = making great progress

9 = pretty amazing

10 = a superpower